Bingöl University Faculty of Veterinary Medicine was established on 16.04.2012 with the decision of the Council of Ministers numbered 2012/3079. Within the faculty, 9 Prof. Dr., 3 Assoc. Dr.,7 Dr. Instructor Member and 15 Res. See. A total of 34 teaching staff are working.

In our faculty;

1- Department of Basic Sciences

2- Department of Preclinical Sciences

3- Department of Clinical Sciences

4- Department of Animal Science and Animal Nutrition

5- Food Hygiene and Technology Department.

There are 5 Departments and 20 Departments. Our faculty continues education and training with a total of 250 students in 5 classes.

A University-Industry Cooperation Protocol was signed between SÜTAŞ and Bingöl University in 2018. Within the framework of the Cooperation in Education Protocol, Sütaş Vocational Education Support Scholarship is given to the first 3 students who have won the Bingöl University Veterinary Faculty with the highest score and registered. In addition, all students who graduate with a GPA of 2.50 (General Academic Grade Point Average) are given employment guarantee at Sütaş GROUP Companies.


Our mission is to train veterinarians equipped with a scientific understanding, advanced research and problem-solving skills, cultural background, environmental awareness and communication skills, tolerance, adopting lifelong learning and self-development as a principle, and thinking critically and at peace with themselves and their environment.

It is to comply with the ethical rules of the profession, to carry out research in the field of veterinary medicine and to serve the society at universal standards, to reach information, to produce information, to implement and to adopt the basic principle of dissemination.

It aims to diagnose, cure, and prevent diseases that threaten animal health, particularly zoonotic diseases, in order to preserve public health and contribute to the development of animal husbandry by assuring the control of animal origin food sources.


Our vision is to ensure that all our students, who will be the colleagues of the future, receive education and training under balanced and equal conditions.

It increases the number of patented studies by providing free working environments to all academics working in the veterinary faculty and encouraging them to work and produce in national and international scientific platforms.

It targets the quality of veterinary faculties at the international level by improving the physical conditions of the faculty.

It ensures that not only our students, but also the people of the region have the right knowledge about animal feeding and care, and to instill a love of animals in them.

It protects animal health, to diagnose, treat and control these diseases, to apply professional and ethical rules, to respect animal rights, to establish honest, loving and warm relations with animal owners, to search for ways to access information and to catch and apply the importance of lifelong self-learning. .

It ensures that our students are trained as qualified and respected veterinarians who foresee the problems in animal health, welfare and animal rights, are result-oriented and can produce solutions, comply with deontological and ethical rules.

It is a faculty that researches, conducts scientific research in its field and produces knowledge, is shown as an example at national and international level and is honored to be a member of it.

Our quality policy in accordance with the mission and vision of our faculty;

  • To work to increase the recognition and prestige of our faculty in the national and international arena, ensuring the participation of internal stakeholders and all external stakeholders, especially academic staff, administrative staff and students, in the processes and increasing their satisfaction,
  • To implement in-service trainings to train well-equipped university personnel and to increase the quality level by giving importance to teamwork
  • To raise individuals who have the knowledge, skills, behavior and general culture of the profession, who are sensitive to the environment, and who give importance to occupational health and safety,
  • To have an innovative perspective within the framework of ethical principles in order to make practices that improve animal-human health and welfare,

 It has adopted the implementation of the Quality Management System in accordance with the vision and mission of the University and continuous improvement as a "Quality Policy" by spreading the institutional quality awareness and culture.

Our Quality Goals

  • Increasing the Number of Academic Staff
  • Increasing the Quality and Efficiency of Academic Staff
  • Increasing the Number of Administrative Staff
  • Increasing the Quality and Efficiency of Administrative Staff
  • Creating Awareness of Corporate Culture in Employees
  • Creating Institutional Culture and Motivation of Students
  • Strengthening Education Infrastructure
  • Increasing the Preference Level of the Faculty
  • Diversifying and Increasing Student Activities
  • Increasing the Number of National, International, Regional and Local Projects
  • Improvement and Development of Health Services
  • Developing Community-Oriented Education

Veterinarian's Oath

Joining Members of the Veterinary Profession

Starting Now

Instead of Dedicating My Life to the Path of Humanity,

I Will Maintain My Respect and Gratitude to Those Who Contributed to My Profession,

That I will do my art with integrity, that I will protect the honor of my profession,

Aiming for the Worldwide Development of My Profession, For This Purpose

I will work in full understanding and cooperation with my colleagues,

I will adopt as a principle to provide service to animal and human health in a modern sense,

Environmental Protection and Opportunities

I will make an effort for the Benefit of All Living Beings,

I Will Respect the Feelings and Thoughts of Patient Owners,

Social, Political and Belief Difference While Doing the Necessity of My Professional Knowledge

I will not care,

I will not reveal the secrets I will learn while practicing my art,

Without Deviating from Scientific Methods, Following Deontological Rules and Ethical Principles

I Will Execute My Profession by Observing;