Basic Veterinary Sciences

It consists of 5 departments which provide giving the practical, applied and ethical basic information related to the veterinary for our students who will work as doctor in future as being graduated from our faculty.In addition, this information will be information which they can use in the medical science and also, they include the necessary basic information which is required for some theoretical and clinical application which they will take during their education life. The majority of courses in our department include the laboratory applications in addition to the theoretical information.

The Basic Veterinary Sciences department consists of the following departments:

1. Anatomy Department
2. Biochemistry department
3. Physiology Department
4. Histology and Embryology Department
5. Veterinary Medical Science and Deontology Department

The courses for Anatomy, biochemistry, physiology, histology and embryology departments consist of the theoretical and practical parts. By this way, the courses which are instructed theoretically in the classes are reinforced in the practical courses in the laboratories. In our faculty, there are practice laboratories for our students for each of our departments.