Food Hygiene and Technology

Hygiene, preservation and production technologies of animal food products, microbiological control methods of foodstuffs, hygiene, cleaning and disinfection practices in food establishments, infections caused by food, food poisoning, legal regulations regarding food and enterprises, points to be considered in workplace inspections and HACCP system issues.

Department of Food Hygiene and Technology: The main objectives of our Department of Food Hygiene and Technology are; to know and teach animal food production technologies, to control quality and to transfer new developments to the field, to raise awareness of producers and consumers about healthy food. Determination of critical control points in meat and dairy products and food businesses and implementation of the HACCP system, examination of microbial contamination sources in meat and dairy products, isolation of microorganisms in different food production stages, search for pathogenic microorganisms that pose a potential danger to human health in animal food products, starter culture in meat products. To conduct research on many subjects such as usage possibilities, different methods applied in milk and meat products production technology, examining the microbiological and chemical quality of foods. To follow the developments in Food Hygiene and Technologies and to transfer these developments to our students, to train veterinarians equipped with theoretical and applied knowledge, high self-confidence and competent in their field.  

In addition to the theoretical courses in which information such as quality control analyzes and production technologies of animal foods are transferred, the applications of the relevant courses will be made in the laboratory of the Department, various slaughterhouses and combines, and dairy enterprises.

Compulsory Courses Taught in Our Department;

Food Hygiene and Control

Meat Hygiene, Inspection and Technology

Veterinary Medicine Public Health

Dairy Hygiene and Technology

Elective Courses Taught in Our Department;

Health Police

Sanitation in the Food Business

Food Legislation

Fermented Meat and Dairy Products