Preclinical Sciences

Within the Department of Preclinical Sciences;

  • Pharmacology and Toxicology
  • Microbiology
  • Parasitology
  • Pathology
  • Virology

Field of Pharmacology and Toxicology

The aim of our department is to provide students with basic information about Pharmacology and Toxicology, to present practical information as preliminary to clinical studies, as well as to provide practical training in parallel with all theoretical subjects. Our department aims to train not only curative physicians but also preventive physicians.

Field of Microbiology

Research topics in the department are mainly focused on preventive and predictive medicine. The research mission of the department is to be a country leader in the development of scientific and technological knowledge and its applicability to animal and public health. In this direction, monitoring zoonotic bacterial infections in terms of public health and infections of economic importance in the poultry industry have been determined as the priorities of our research.

Parasitology Field

It is a science that examines the morphology, biology, classification, symptoms and pathology of the diseases it causes, as well as diagnosis, treatment and prevention methods of parasites that cause disease in animals and some of them can also be transmitted to humans. Department of Pathology; First of all, studies are carried out for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases that pose a problem for our country, and it is aimed to train experienced personnel who will serve in this field with both undergraduate and graduate education.

Virology Field

Contributing to the etiology, diagnosis, treatment and prevention methods of diseases by examining the molecular basis of domestic animals and viral zoonotic infections.

Field of Pathology

In the Department of Pathology, student education is prioritized in the services provided. Dead animals (cadavers), internal organs, aborted puppies, tumoral biopsy materials and similar morbid materials brought by the animal owners or sent by the Clinical Sciences of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine are examined pathomorphologically (macroscopic) and histopathologically (light-microscopic) diseases are diagnosed. 1 Professor Doctor, 1 Lecturer and 1 Research Assistant are working in the academic staff of our department. Our academic staff carry out and take part in research projects carried out by other departments in the faculty as well as conducted by our department.